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The WAC Clearinghouse is one of the first and arguably one of the most successful open-access publishing initiatives in the arts and humanities. To date, it has published more than 90 books and provides access to several scholarly journals.

Academic Labor: Research and Artistry, the journal of the Center for the Study of Academic Labor (CSAL), publishes scholarly and artistic work that addresses the transformation of academic labor in higher education, including but not limited to scholarship on contingency and tenure. The CSU Open Press provides support for the production of the journal.

The Journal of Writing Analytics is a peer-reviewed, open access journal published by Colorado State University Open Press. Additional support for the journal is provided by the University of South Florida. Conceptualized as a multidisciplinary field, Writing Analytics is defined as the study of communication processes and genres as they occur in digital educational environments. The Press provides support for the production and hosting of the journal.

Writing@CSU. This long-established website offers a wide range of resources for writing courses and courses that use writing to support student learning. The CSU Open Press provides support for its operation.

REx, the Research Exchange, receives reports on contemporary writing research from active researchers, and periodically peer-reviews and publishes those reports on the Web through a searchable database that enables users to search for models, methods, and collaborators.  As a resource for everyone who is interested in writing and its study, REx makes it possible for researchers as well as students, scholars, teachers, and other writing stakeholders find models for new projects, put current projects in context, and review work in writing studies from 2000 to the present.

The OER Academy. In some disciplines, a key challenge facing faculty who seek to adopt OER (Open Educational Resources) is lack of materials that approach or exceed the quality of commercially available instructional materials. Even in disciplines that have a wealth of OER materials, these materials do not always align well with the goals and teaching philosophies of faculty members who might otherwise use them. The OER Academy is a pilot project that seeks to address this need.