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The Colorado State University Open Press supports several journals. Please visit one of our journals by clicking on the following links.

The Center for the Study of Academic Labor

The Center for the Study of Academic Labor (CSAL) promotes research and scholarship on the transformation of academic labor in higher education, including but not limited to scholarship on contingency and tenure.

Academic LaborAcademic Labor: Research and Artistry

Academic Labor: Research and Artistry (ALRA) is a peer-reviewed open access academic journal launched in 2016 by the Center for the Study of Academic Labor (CSAL) at Colorado State University. The journal encourages ongoing research on matters relating to tenure and contingency in the academy, both nationally and internationally. ALRA offers a publication venue for those undertaking scholarship in areas broadly defined as tenure studies and contingency studies. View the Journal »

The WAC Clearinghouse

The WAC Clearinghouse provides access to the following scholarly journals. All articles in the journals are available in open-access formats. You do not need to subscribe to our journals to view them. To learn more about individual journals, please view their main pages.

Across the Disciplines

ATDA refereed journal devoted to language, learning, and academic writing, Across the Disciplines publishes articles relevant to writing and writing pedagogy in all their intellectual, political, social, and technological complexity.
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The WAC Journal

ATDA peer-reviewed journal on writing across the curriculum published by Clemson University and Parlor Press, The WAC Journal offers articles by educators about their WAC ideas and WAC experiences, focusing on both practical ideas and pertinent theory.
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Double Helix

Double HelixDouble Helix is an international, open-access journal founded on the principle that writing is the essential tool for developing critical thinking skills and disciplinary expertise. The journal publishes work that focuses on critical thinking in and across the disciplines, and is particularly interested in pieces that explore and report on connections between pedagogical theory and classroom practice.
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JWAJournal of Writing Analytics

Conceptualized as a multidisciplinary field, Writing Analytics is defined as the study of communication processes and genres as they occur in digital educational environments. The journal operates at the intersection of educational measurement, massive data analysis, digital learning ecologies, and ethical philosophy. Intended to give voice to an emerging community, the journal is devoted to programs of research providing evidence of fair, reliable, and valid analytics. Dedicated to application, such multidisciplinary research will demonstrate its usefulness to educational stakeholders as they expand opportunities for diverse learners.
The Journal of Writing Analytics website is updated quarterly in the winter, spring, summer, and autumn. Updates include book reviews, advances in code, new quantitative techniques, and research notes.
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Open WordsOpen Words

Established in 2007, Open Words is dedicated to publishing peer-reviewed articles focusing on political, professional, and pedagogical issues related to teaching composition, rhetoric, reading, creative writing, ESL, and literature to open-admissions and “nonmainstream” student populations.

The Journal of Basic Writing

JBWThe Journal of Basic Writing houses its archives on the Clearinghouse. JBW publishes articles on theory, research, and teaching practices related to basic writing.
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Language and Learning Across the Disciplines

LLADPublished from 1994 to 2003, Language and Learning Across the Disciplines provided a forum for debates concerning interdisciplinarity, situated discourse communities, and writing across the curriculum programs.
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Academic.WritingPublished from 2000 to 2003, Academic.Writing: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Communication Across the Curriculum provided a peer-reviewed forum for scholars interested in communication across the curriculum.
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RhetNetThe first online journal published in rhetoric and composition, RhetNet was a concerted effort to see what publishing on the net might be in its "natural" form.
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